YBS 500g  BATCH NO: 9725 EXP: 06/25

YBS 500g BATCH NO: 9725 EXP: 06/25

  • £19.99

AS A GENERAL PROTECTION AGAINST INFECTION Use 2 teaspoons to four pints of water for 3 days as soon as birds are weaned Repeat monthly TO AID RECOVERY DURING WET DROPPINGS OR WHEN BIRDS VOMIT.OR SHOW SIGNS OF RETENTION IN THE CROP Use at the rate of 5 teaspoons to 5 pints of water for 4-5 days or as long as symptoms persist. Withdraw other food for 24 hours and slowly introduce a depurative diet. It is essential to start treatment as soon as any of the above symptoms are seen. Contains Glucose,Sodium Chloride,Potassium Chloride,Sodium Bicarbonate,Ascorbic Acid,Probiotic Powder and Multi Vitamin Powder

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