Can You Use CBD Oil for your Pigeons?

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Can we Use CBD Oil for our pigeons?


What is CBD Oil?


CBD oil comes from the Cannabis sativa plant, and it’s extracted for its wide range of nutritional benefits. While this is the same cannabis known commonly as marijuana, a different version exists – hemp. In order to be legally farmed, hemp cannot contain more than 0.3% THC, the compound that caused a high.

Thus, CBD products for birds (and all animals) are made out of hemp. Hemp is a miraculous plant, used in textiles, construction, and of course, nutrition. Your birds can even eat hemp seeds much like they would any other.


How does CBD Oil Work For Pigeons


Whether it be  humans, other mammals, reptiles or birds, we all contain Endocannabinoids  systems. Bodies feature multiple methods to maintain homeostasis. Our endocrine system operates off of feedback loops to tilt the scales when things start getting extreme. Our nervous system constantly emits signals to up-regulate or down-regulate bodily processes. And now, we know the endocannabinoid system does the same.


Is CBD Safe For Pigeons?


One of the best parts of CBD is the lack of known side effects. CBD oils act like any other dietary supplement, especially due to their high omega-3 content. Of course, as with anything, you should always proceed with caution. Each pigeon is an individual, and every pigeon will respond differently.


What are the benefits for CBD Oil for pigeons?


CBD fights joint pain, protects against body-wide inflammation, and provides critical nutrients to ageing avians. The CBD and fat content in hemp is also a great way to fortify the immune system. If your bird could use a little extra help, specially under stress, try CBD for the following benefits.

Even though they’re much smaller than us, birds still suffer from aches and pains. Whether you have a parrot, cockatoo, or pigeon, CBD modulates pain and swelling. Research shows that CBD targets receptors within the body to limit pain perception and start downstream signalling of relief. Avian pain often goes under-treated due to risk of side effects and cost. Therefore, CBD provides a promising solution to help your bird get back to full health.

By managing inflammation and providing antioxidants, the oils protect the immune system. As consistent, chronic inflammation is associated with infection, birds lacking in proper nutrition may be at a higher risk of disease. Common diseases include parrot fever, pro-ventricular dilatation disease, and psittacine beak and feather disease. While nothing replaces veterinary intervention, regular CBD treatment can help with some of the nervous, digestive, and skin conditions associated with these diseases and so help improve the performance of your pigeons.

Our Recommendation

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