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Worming Your Pigeons - Why Do it & What To Use

Posted by Daniel Evans on

Hairworms and roundworms are widespread in pigeon flocks, whereas tapeworms are less common. These worm types live as parasites in the small intestine of pigeons. Pathogen: The hairworm, Capillaria obsignata - a very slender, hair-like parasite - infests various poultry species in addition to pigeons. Hairworm eggs become infective in the environment after 8-9 days. The pigeon roundworm, Ascaridia columbae, only occurs in pigeons. The eggs become infective in the environment after 2-3 weeks. Two types of tapeworm, Hymenolepis columbae and Raillietina columbae, infest pigeons. Their emergence is dependent on suitable intermediate hosts (snails, beetles, ants), which they require in order to develop. Pigeons only become...

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