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So often we're told to "just deal with it" we're told to deal with the pain and anxiety of our everyday lives, and we do it because we're not told there's another option. Rather than work against the pain using ibuprofen or even more serious medications it's essential to find a more natural healing process. With the advancements in our understanding of CBD oil in the previous few decades there's no reason we shouldn't use it's incredible properties for healing every day.

CBD oil has been linked to enhancing cognitive abilities as well, in fact CBD oil has been linked to healing many different ailments including fibromyalgia, which is a kind of pain that effects the entire body in fact fibromyalgia was only regarded as a "real illness" two decades ago and could be linked to stress and anxiety. CBD oil has been known to heal chronic pain, which is the kind of pain that lingers after twelve weeks or more.

CBD oil has been studied extensively as a way to fight the inflammation found in rheumatoid arthritis. In some cases CBD oil has been shown to decrease the rapid advancement of rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore for those suffering with multiple sclerosis who are debilitated and experience spasms CBD oil has been proven to decrease this at an incredible rate but the results are better.

CBD oil otherwise known by its longer name cannabidiol is one of over sixty compounds found in the cannabis or marijuana plant. Immedietly this gives it a bad name throughout much of the world ( although its completely legal ) unlike its brothers THC or other cannabidiol compounds CBD oil actually doesn't create the 'HIGH' usually associated with marijuana, rather its used for MEDICAL purposes and exhibits an incredibly different reaction in the brain and body.

When looking to self-medicate and treat your bodily pain it is important to not mix up hemp oil and CBD oil it can be an easy mistake to make given the fact that they are both derived from the same plant and are often called the same thing by accident. Hemp oil can be used for other things as well as medicinal purposes however only CBD oil can be utilized for medicinal purposes or pain relief. CBD oil simply doesn't fill the same receptors in the brain. Essentially the human body has a system called the 'endocannabinoid system' which sends and receives signals that it takes from any imbibed, smoked or even cannabinoids that your body creates itself, this endocannabinoid system regulates things in your body such as what pain you experience, your immune system, your appetite amongst other things. Perhaps most importantly we're focusing on the fact that CBD oil can affect the way you experience pain as well as decreasing the amount of inflammation that affects your greater nervous system including your brain.


1. Protection of neural pathways

2. Decrease in inflammation

3. Decrease in signs of depression

4. Decrease in anxiety

5. Fights the growth of some tumors

6. Decrease risk of seizures and epilepsy

7. Antioxident

8. Decrease in levels of psychosis

9. Decrease in signs of anorexia

10. Better sleep

11. Fights pain

12. Fights nausea

13. Decrease in menstrual pain

14. Decreases risk of diabetes

15. Boosts your heart health

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