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What is it? Colombovac contains inactivated Newcastle disease virus strain La Sota.


What is it used for?

For active immunisations of pigeons to reduce mortality and clinical signs due to paramyxovirus type 1 infection. Onset of full immunity; one month after innoculation. Duration of immunity; 12 months. Do not use in birds in lay or within 4 weeks before the onset of the laying period.

Dose; 0.2ml per pigeon subcutaneously. Dorsally in the neck in the direction of the back.

All birds in the loft should be given one vaccination annually not less than 14 days before the beginning of the racing season.

Young birds may be vaccinated with Colombovac PMV from 3 weeks of age. Following vaccination avoid contact with birds from other lofts for at least 14 days.


How is the Paramyxo virus spread?

After infections, pigeons excrete the virus from the eye & in droppings within 3 to 4 days. This means that although the pigeon is not showing symptoms it is spreading the disease. The infected pigeon can spread the Paramyxo virus for upto 6 weeks, so it is very important that in addition to direct bird to bird contact at competitions & shows, the disease can be spread by indirect means such as hands, overalls, caps, boots and contaminated objects such as baskets and trucks. It is important that an owner having the disease in his pigeons should forbid visits to his loft by anyone in contact with unvaccinated birds. New pigeons should not be brought into this loft unless vaccinated 14 days previously. 


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