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Avian influenza refers to the disease caused by infection with avian (bird) influenza (flu) Type A viruses. These viruses occur naturally among wild aquatic birds worldwide and can infect domestic poultry and other bird and animal species. Avian flu viruses do not normally infect humans, but cases have been known in humans and others mammals. 

Following the advice by DEFRA an aviation flu Protection Zone was placed across the UK with effect from 17th October 200 The AIPZ means all bird keepers in England (whether they have pet birds, commercial flocks or just a few birds in a backyard flock) are required by law to take a range of bio-security precautions including from the 7th November 2022 keeping their birds indoors except in very specific circumstances.

How to spot Avian Flu?

There are 2 types of avian influenza.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is the more serious type. It is often fatal in birds. The main clinical signs of HPAI in birds are:
  • swollen head
  • blue discoloration of neck and throat
  • loss of appetite
  • respiratory distress such as gaping beak, coughing, sneezing, gurgling, rattling
  • diarrhea
  • fewer eggs laid
  • increased mortality

Clinical signs can vary between species of bird and some species (for example ducks and geese) may show minimal clinical signs.

Low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) is usually less serious. It can cause mild breathing problems, but affected birds will not always show clear signs of infection.

The severity of LPAI depends on the type of bird and whether it has any other illnesses.

Anyone who keeps poultry must keep a close watch on them for any signs of disease, and must seek prompt advice from their vet if they have any concerns.

What can be done?

Quarantining the infected birds and thoroughly disinfecting the environment, will also prevent the avian influenza from spreading. It is recommended that you disinfect your loft / any areas that you keep your birds and any equipment that the birds have been contact with. To do this we would recommend Virkon S. 

Virkon S is the breakthrough disinfectant formulation that defines on farm bio-security. With powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi including Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Avian Influenza, Salmonella and Campylobacter, Virkon S is selected by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control.

Leading the way forward in best practice bio-security programmes, Virkon S provides a wide range of applications to commercial livestock producers, veterinary hospitals and farmers.

The famous "pink powder formulation" offers the flexible, fast-acting, convenient, one-stop disinfection package for:

  • Surfaces
  • Equipment
  • Aerial disinfection
  • Water delivery systems
We have two size options available - Virkon S 1KG @ £14.99 or individual Virkon S 50g sachets at £2.59.

In addition to this we have Potassium Permanganate which can be used in the bathing of your birds and Loft & Pigeon Spray to assist in the disinfectant of your loft & birds.

These, along with our full range of products and offers we currently have available can be found via our online shop at www.meditechuk.com or by calling us on 0121 505 6370.

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