Common diseases affecting pigeons Part 2

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Diseases affecting pigeons - Part 2.

The four most common diseases affecting racing pigeons are:

·   Coccidiosis

·   Canker

·   Worms

·   Mite

Coccidia are single celled organisms not related to bacteria, worms, fungi or viruses. All pigeons carry cocci to a lesser or greater degree.

Pigeons pick up the coccidia in the form of an oocyst. This develops inside the gut and is released as sporozoites by the pigeons digestive tract. Sporozoites penetrate the gut wall.

Inside the gut cell wall the sporozoites divide to form a merozoite, the merozoites rupture to release more which invade other gut wall cells.

One oocyst, if ingested, can release millions of merozoites within a couple of days! After a day or so, oocysts are released by the bird into the gut to start the whole cycle again.

Symptoms include green watery droppings, severe loss in weight, or appearing “fluffed up. This can result in dehydration and in some cases, secondary bacterial infection.


 ·   Prevent dampness on loft surfaces.

·   Daily scraping of the loft floor.

·   Reduce stress for the bird, this will allow the natural immunity to be maintained.


Use the Meditech 4 in 1 Liquid for flock treatment or the Meditech 4 in 1 Capsules for individual treatment.

The 4 in 1  will treat Cocci, Canker, Worms & Mite.

For Cocci only flock treatment use the Meditech Amprolium Powder.


Written by Mr SD Samrai 

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