Champion pigeon fanciers give top tips from combined 40 years experience!

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How does it feel to be a winner?  After months of training, enhancing and preparing to get that 1st place culminating in all your efforts that have materialised into something tangible with a renewed energy that next time it’ll be better! What a feeling would that be?

Take a look at a few of our grand champion pigeon fanciers and what they attribute their success to.

Tony Whitehouse, from West Bromwich has always been interested in pigeon racing from an early age, he has won many competitions both here and abroad and now reflects on his achievements and how Meditech has helped him to reach his goals.

Pictured, Tony Whitehouse & Meditech director, Mr S.D Samrai.

How did you get into pigeon racing?

Since 1975 around the age of 14 was when I first got interested, I used to help letting out pigeons and help with cleaning lofts and then gradually got into pigeon racing from that.

What have been your biggest achievements to date?

Many! But here are a few main ones: Double Midlands national champion, (most pigeon fanciers are lucky to win a national championship once in a lifetime).  Won a few federations (collections of different clubs).  Super club Tuerlings challenge race from Lessay 1st open against 60 of the top flyers in West Midlands.  Dew drop 1 bird open from Nantes again 50 of the top West Midlands flyers. 1st open also winning FED.

How has Meditech helped you achieve success?

I have been using Meditech products since the early 80’s and have known Mr Samrai from before this, he has always been willing to listen and tries to sort out your pigeon problems.  With good pigeons and the help of Meditech’s products the above achievements have been accomplished. Meditech products I use are: 4 in 1 capsules and 4 in one liquid.  Enhanced multi-vitamins and aqueous iodine.

What top tips can you can you give us?

Keep the loft clean, eliminate damp patches.  Treat regularly for Cocci, Canker, Worms & MItes.  Test droppings at the start and end of the racing pigeon season.

Mr Raymond Till & Gary Till Father & son team Raymond & Gary Till of Rugeley have been racing pigeons for decades and as a result of their hard work, research & commitment they have achieved international success.

Pictured Mr Raymond & Gary Till.

What would you say are your main achievements are to date?

Amongst others, Combine August winner South West section 2017, Club results 2017. 1st club 2nd fed 3193 birds Yeovil 130 miles.  1st club 18th Fed 3374 birds kingdown.  153 miles 1st club 38th open MNFC Bordeaux 546 miles.  2nd club 197th open 3668 birds vire 274 miles. 2nd club 148th open 4331 birds Ancenis 374 miles.  3rd club 356th open Coutances 8903 birds.

How has Meditech helped you achieve success?  

I have always used the following Meditech products  B15YBS, PREBIOTIC, Amprolium powder, Arachis oil and a must for all fanciers 4 IN 1 capsules.

What top tips can you give us?

Always treat pigeons when they return from a race.  Use 4 in 1 capsules before pairing, 2 weeks before racing, immediately after racing and 6 weeks after.  Use YBS after racing and Multivitamins once a week. 

Director of Meditech, Mr S.D Samrai has a degree in Pharmacy, he qualified in 1980 and has a special interest in animal medicines specifically racing pigeons.  He achieved a diploma in veterinary pharmacy and has been advising pigeon fanciers since 1984.  Meditech was formed by popular demand by the local pigeon fanciers.  Meditech specialises in in-house formulations and product manufacture which is driven by requests from pigeon fanciers generally.

Meditech will be present at the following shows and will be selling all the above products:

Doncaster race course - 10th March
Epsom race course - 24th March

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