Aspergillosis (Thrush) in Pigeons

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Aspergillosis (Thrush) in pigeons
  • Aspergillosis is readily avoidable by not useing mouldy damp hay or straw in the loft.
  • Never buy store or feed damp corn or feed.
Diagnosis;  White plaque - like lesions seen in the mouths of pigeons and the failure of birds to respond adequately to antibiotic
                     treatment & canker treatment & the presence of mouldy bedding & food in the loft.
Candida is the name of the fungi causing Aspergillosis, Candida tends to colonise in birds which have a compromised immune system & there
is a challenge from a very large number of Candid spores.
There are general health principles that all lofts should adhere to:
 - Breed your birds with potential immune capability in mind 
 - Minimise Stress Factors
 - Maintain a 'Good Loft' management & husbandry
 - Don't introduce 'strangers' without a quarantine period (14 days is recommended)  
 - Regard medicines as the 'Angel in your back pocket' and something to fall back on if all else fails
 - Avoid Damp in the loft. Especially true for the survival of moulds, fungi, yeasts, canker, bacteria, viruses, chlamydia, worms & coccidia - almost everything in fact!  
We recommend the use of Cider Vinegar as a treatment & for prevention of Aspergillosis & to use dry bedding & corn + feed.
Mr S D Samrai 

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