Paramyxovirus disease

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Paramyxovirus disease

Paramyxovirus is a deadly & very contagious disease.

Pigeons should be vaccinated from 4 weeks of age.  Paramyxo has an incubation period of 5 weeks i.e the affected bird will not show signs of being infected for 5 weeks from coming into contact with the PMV.

It is very important to vaccinate all the birds in the loft since a vaccinated bird can spread the

virus without showing signs of the disease.

Some features of the paramyxovirus disease:

  • Usually the first signs of the disease are watery loose droppings
  • Nervous signs e.g missing pecking of grains, wing & leg lameness
  • Twisting neck, spinning around

The effects of the disease can be reduced by resting the bird and treating for parasites e.g cocci, canker & worms.

Recovery can be achieved but some unvaccinated birds will die.

Rehydration with YBS is essential to maximise the pigeons chances of survival.

Meditech recommends that all pigeons in the loft are vaccinated.

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Written by Mr SD Samrai (Pigeon Pharmacist)

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