Moulds, fungi & yeasts - what you need to know!

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Moulds, fungi & yeasts are present in the atmosphere, especially in damp environments - Just try leaving damp bread out on the kitchen work surface & within a couple of days you will see a mould growth on the bread!

Poorly ventilated lofts & feeding damp musty feed can indeed increase the risk of your birds, do not feed brewers yeast to unwell birds as this may exacerbate the condition.

Please note that the disease 'pigeon fanciers lung' is caused by an allergy to 'pigeon bloom' and not mould.
Aspergillus mould is the most common mould affecting pigeons. This mould colonises the air sacs from where it can spread into the lungs, bronchi & windpipe.
Birds will develop respiratory distress & the birds will not respond to normal antibiotics.
You will require a an antimycotic antibiotic e.g NYSTAN (nystatin suspension).
However prevention is the best policy;
  • Avoid stressful conditions.
  • Avoid a warm stuffy loft with a damp atmosphere.  Provide plenty of ventilation.
  • Use Virkon S in the drinking water at the rate of half teaspoon to a gallon of water. This will kill any fungi, bacteria & viruses in the drinking water. The loft can also be sprayed out with a solution of Virkon S.
  • Cider Vinegar in the drinking water kills fungal/yeast spores & is thus beneficial to the pigeons.
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Mr Sarwan Samrai. GphC

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